Qualitative Market Research Consulting

Power Point Presentations

Actionable, Insightful Qualitative Research Analysis and Interpretation

Rudick Research deliverables begin with its proprietary Bi-Level Screening Process and wrap up with incisive qualitative research analysis that clearly communicates insights, learning and implications, and interpretation. These represent the overall value the firm provides to its Fortune 500 clients.

Mindy Rudick Powell’s depth of marketing knowledge through decades of research in a wide range of product categories takes her analysis far beyond a mere reporting of what happened in a focus group. She applies her psychology background and interpretative skills to explain nuance, contradiction and conflicting views and to enable the learning necessary for actionable insights and marketing direction.

Bi-Level Screening Process – The Rudick Research proprietary Bi-Level Screening Process begins with developing streamlined questionnaires that help recruiters quickly identify the right participants. Level two – a final filter – occurs immediately prior to the session. This assures that participants not only meet the recruiting specifications, but are also able to articulate their views.

Discussion Guide – Proactive and responsive client communications lead to Discussion Guides laser-focused on project objectives.

Verbal Debrief – Allows Rudick Research and the project team to begin analysis while the session experience is still fresh in everyone’s minds immediately following interviewing.

Topline Summary – Highlights the key learning and implications to help the marketing team move forward.

Final Report – Detailed reports are well-written, highly organized and full of visual examples. They stand alone as shareable documents that put team members on the same page and can be readily tailored for various internal reporting.

Presentations – Can be arranged at client facilities when the project demands higher visibility or team interaction with the research consultant.

Transcripts – Verbatim or summarized notes are available on request.

Note: Output is customized to client needs. Reports can be provided in Word or PowerPoint format.