Qualitative Market Research Consulting

Testimonials: Rudick Research Qualitative Market Research Services

Who better to describe the benefits of utilizing Rudick Research qualitative market research services than those who know the firm’s work – clients and focus group facility operators and recruiters? Following are comments provided in a survey of these key stakeholders. Read their testimonials below:

“I had the pleasure of working with Mindy on a number of product innovation qualitative exploratory projects. While it is always challenging to bring new moderators on board, Mindy was able to quickly get up to speed on the industry and add value from the first project we worked together on. Mindy is very strategic, insightful and able to effectively direct the groups to uncover breakthrough insights. However, what clearly sets Mindy apart from other moderators is her outstanding reports which highlight the strategic insights as well as excellent debrief sessions and client presentations. Mindy is a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to expand their network of approved moderators.”

Director, Global Consumer Insights, Burger King Corporation

“Mindy is a moderator who is at the top of her game. She can take nebulous objectives and bring structure so that everyone is on the same page. Mindy has an engaging style that quickly puts all types of consumers at ease. She thinks fast on her feet and works well with those in the client room. She is flexible and open to the team’s comments and suggestions, but is also able to diplomatically challenge others if she has a different point of view. She interacts easily with executives as well as those who may be new to the research field. Project set-up and execution is flawless. Her topline de-briefs are clear and concise and facilitate valuable exchanges of perspectives. Mindy’s reports clearly communicate the core insights while offering strategic recommendations that are on target from both a consumer and business perspective. Mindy is a pleasure to work because of her professionalism, passion, and personality.”

Senior Manager, Global Consumer Insights, Burger King Corporation

“Mindy Powell has been an invaluable asset to the important men’s grooming project my team is currently developing. In recent focus groups, she leveraged years of experience and reliable marketing instincts to draw out countless quality insights. Mindy has a rare instant likeability that helps her secure meaty responses from even the most reticent participants. With laser focus, she goes after the details that weave together to inform the broader story. She is a true talent and a wonderful partner.”

Director, Global Marketing for L’Oreal

“Mindy is our exclusive qualitative research provider because she is passionate about our projects as if they are her own business and a real partner who is committed to getting it right. She is well known for putting her psychological savvy to good use. I like to say she has a great nose for following consumer directions to get to deep insights. Mindy’s the right moderator to work with if you want the truth!”

President, Center For Emotional Marketing

“What sets Mindy apart for me is her ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly and in a way that is clear, and understandable. Even when she is dealing with large amounts of stimuli, she handles it with ease.”

Market Research Director, L’Oreal USA

“Mindy is among the top tier of moderators. Her work is marketing friendly. We speak with diverse consumer groups by age and cultural background and she makes everyone feel comfortable. She gives us actionable results presented in a balanced way that first point out what was on target, even when we learn that we have to change some assumptions.”

Director, Consumer and Market Intelligence, L’Oreal

“Rudick Research reports are very well written, clear and crisp as well as insightful. Mindy’s strategic thinking makes them very rich since she draws implications that are always useful to our marketing teams.”

Market Research Director, Maybelline NY

“Rudick Research Screeners are awesome! They’re short and to the point and very clear about what they’re looking for. It really helps us get the right people quickly.”

Facility Director, The Focus Room

“As Research Manager, Liz is a capable professional and contact person who is able to grasp key marketing issues and get the ball rolling on projects, which is a big plus so that Mindy, unlike some other moderators, is always easy to reach.”

Market Research Director, L’Oreal USA

“Working with a Field Director like Liz, is a dream come true for a facility. Nothing is left to chance, which helps us meet all of RR client’s needs. You are in extremely capable hands when Liz manages your project!”

Owner, Access-Metro/New York

“Liz is a thorough, knowledgeable Research Manager and Field Director with professionalism second to none. She has a talent for client liaison with quick response to facility needs and an innate understanding of recruitment issues.”

Owner, Superior Research, Atlanta