Qualitative Market Research Consulting

Enhance Qualitative Options with Online Marketing Research and Focus Groups

The Internet is providing researchers with new options for obtaining qualitative consumer and expert input. While traditional focus groups still offer benefits of face-to-face interaction that can’t be experienced virtually, online marketing research and online focus groups offer enhanced options in specific situations. Rudick Research will help you determine whether online marketing research, traditional focus groups or a combination will best suit your project’s objectives. Call or email for more information.

Just a few ways to use online focus groups:

Test initial concepts – Sift out the best few ideas for further testing in traditional focus groups.

Expand recruiting – Connect with consumer groups or professional experts who are hard-to-reach by virtue of geography or time constraints.

Test web-based offerings – Where better to test online advertising, websites or other interactive services than where consumers will experience them.

Some benefits of online focus groups: