Qualitative Market Research Consulting

Mindy leading a focus group

Rudick Research: Actionable Marketing Research for More Than 20 Years

“Mindy Powell has been an invaluable asset to the important men’s grooming project my team is currently developing. In recent focus groups, she leveraged years of experience and reliable marketing instincts to draw out countless quality insights. Mindy has a rare instant likeability that helps her secure meaty responses from even the most reticent participants. With laser focus, she goes after the details that weave together to inform the broader story. She is a true talent and a wonderful partner.”

Director, Global Marketing for L’Oreal

Mindy Rudick Powell left a well regarded qualitative research organization in 1987 to launch her own marketing research consultancy, Rudick Research. She built the firm on her experience as a focus group moderator for Fortune 500 clients, her background in psychology and group dynamics and her knowledge of field operations.

Mindy’s aim was to deliver actionable research and insights based on a deep awareness and understanding of diverse consumers’ subconscious emotional cues. From the beginning, she attracted important corporate clients — both consumer and B-to-B — a number of which continue to work with Rudick Research today. Over the years the firm has worked across many product and service categories.

In 1999, Liz Hayes joined the firm as Research Manager and Field Director. She maintains the firm’s New York area location. She provides the team with responsive client service and well-targeted recruiting. She also contributes to report writing and analysis.

Based on its depth and breadth of experience, the company has developed proprietary systems including its Bi-Level Screening Process. It has also customized an array of projective techniques to make them more relatable to consumers and more effective at yielding insights. In recent years, Rudick Research has added online focus groups and moderator training to its offerings.