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Mindy Rudick Powell

Mindy Rudick Powell: Founder and President – Profile of a Top-tier Focus Group Moderator

In his latest book, Outliers, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell offers this rule of thumb: 10,000 hours of practice to achieve true mastery on an elite level. It also takes innate intelligence and some lucky breaks, he adds, to achieve real success.

A qualitative research consultant and focus group moderator for more than 20 years, Mindy Rudick Powell personifies this level of accomplishment. Using her knowledge and native talent, she has conducted many thousands of focus groups. Having started her career prior to the availability of formal moderator training, Mindy had the good fortune of being mentored by highly-respected researchers and working with marketing experts including futurist Faith Popcorn.

Mindy has two primary tenets at the core of her firm’s success:

Since 1995, Mindy has also served as Research Director for the Center for Emotional Marketing, a marketing consultancy specializing in brand and product positioning for Fortune 100 companies via its Precise Positioning® service. Mindy is the exclusive provider for the firm’s qualitative research projects. She leverages her ability to probe for and uncover meaningful consumer insights through the Center for Emotional Marketing’s proprietary Triggers® process, which utilizes highly creative consumers.

Mindy Powell contributes to the next generation of focus group moderators through her firm’s training programs.

Other Highlights:

Liz Hayes

Liz Hayes: Research Manager and Field Director – Enabling Responsive Client Service

Liz Hayes joined Rudick Research in 1999 and rounds out the client service team. Liz has specific skills that enhance her role handling all field management services, facilitating quick response to client needs and contributing to project analysis and documentation.

She is detail-oriented and client-focused, a keen observer and an excellent writer with skills honed as a former journalist. She also has a broad cultural perspective developed earlier in her career in the nonprofit global marketing arena.

Liz serves as liaison among the client, moderator and facility. She oversees screener development and the Rudick Research Bi-level Screening process. She also manages the recruitment of respondents to ensure qualified candidates that match the client’s project objectives. Her location in Norwalk, Connecticut provides the firm’s New York metro base of operations where she also attends group sessions. Liz’s back room presence enables her to best meet client needs, and through first hand observation, obtain a richer understanding of findings for report writing.

Other highlights: