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Welcome to my blog, Focused Groups. The blog will explore how to get the greatest benefits from qualitative market research. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over a 20+ year career as a qualitative research consultant and focus group moderator for some of the world’s greatest brands in a wide range of product and service categories.

I believe that successful qualitative market research – projects that get to deep, actionable insights – are both art and science. My background is in behavioral psychology, which provides me with scientific underpinnings. Yet, the art of qualitative research is based upon creativity, great instincts (which can be honed), intense listening skills and the courage to explore consumer cues and directions in the moment.

The best qualitative research is based on excellent client/consultant communication, well-defined objectives, meticulous preparation, attention to detail, quick connection with consumers of all stripes and a skilled moderator armed with a tool box of techniques that help get to less conscious consumer beliefs and attitudes.

In the Focused Groups blog, we’ll explore the how-to’s of all of these things and more. We’ll also keep on top of consumer and research trends, and I’ll give you my futurist take on things. For tomorrow’s moderators, the blog will hopefully serve as an educational resource that will inspire you to get formal training for a highly rewarding career in market research.

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