Qualitative Market Research Consulting

Mindy leading a focus group

Insightful, actionable qualitative marketing research takes experience, uniting art and science — in real time.

Rudick Research, a qualitative marketing research consulting firm, has been providing actionable insights to Fortune 500 companies in many industries for more than two decades. Founder Mindy Rudick Powell has innate talent combined with true expertise based on the conduct of thousands of focus groups. Clients describe Mindy as a top tier moderator with a keen nose for recognizing consumer cues that others often miss. This instinctual quality is so important because focus group success happens in the moment.

With a background in psychology, plus an engaging, energetic personal style, Mindy quickly connects with diverse consumer groups. And when consumers take unexpected directions that can lead to valuable findings, her experience lets her follow them confidently — while keeping overall objectives clearly in view.

Using projective techniques customized to be consumer-friendly and skillfully challenging assumptions and inconsistencies, she helps groups reveal their less conscious feelings about products, brands, packaging and advertising.

Rudick Research also supports client projects with:

In addition to qualitative marketing research, Rudick Research also provides training for tomorrow’s moderators.